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Trabucco Lancer XTR

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  • 6 Stainless steel long life ball bearings
  • Infinite anti reverse system
  • Worm Shaft for a perfect line lay
  • Slow oscillation system
  • Sealed smart drag system
  • Bail arm lock system (manual closure only)
  • High strength engineered XTra Tough body
  • Double strength stainless steel main shaft
  • Long cast superlight aluminium spool, with tiny hole to fix the line
  • CNC fighting handle with soft touch knob
  • PTFE coated magnum drag washers
  • Titanium coated anti twist line roller
  • Exclusive spare spools available as optional
  • Gear Ratio 4,3:1 (92 cm per handle’s turn)
  • Spool Capacity Ø 0,30mm ▪ 300 m
Series that responds to the demand about compact size reels, coming from the Light Surf and Beach Legering sectors, with an unprecedented 6500, which retrieves a huge amount of line per handle turn, since its gear ratio is higher, compared to the larger 8000 size. The slow vertical oscillation of the spool and the worm shaft work together to provide a maniacal line lay around the core of the Long Cast spool; this has a positive influence on both the distance and the accuracy of the casts as well as on the life span of the line. And rightly in the heart of the spool there is an interesting technical solution: a small hole enables to fix the first line coil without using the traditional knot, which would be too much obtrusive, given the limited depth of the spool itself. The bail arm is assisted by a locking system that avoids accidental closures during cast; its closure is manual only. The Smart Drag system strikes for the immediacy of its entry into operation: with only one turn of the knob, the total lock is switched off into full opening, or vice versa. The bearings are 6+1, all Long Life stainless steel and shielded on both sides to prevent the passage of dust and saltwater that could undermine its rotation. In case of need, one or more aluminum extra spools can be purchased, taking advantage of an unprecedented customization opportunity: you can choose between a spool identical to the main one and an alternative black one, specifically designed with plain core for braided lines, which is also really intriguing to give an exclusive image to the reel.
Two types of spare spools are available as optional, both CNC carved from a solid aluminium bar. One silver color, exactly same as the main one fitted on to the reel, the other with a wonderful black anodized finish, which offers the chance to customize the reel.
A tiny hole, located in the spool’s core just above the line clip, allows to fix the first line’s coil without using the traditional knot, which, considering the limited depth of the spool, would be too much obtrusive and could negatively affect the achievable casting distances.
Thanks to the worm shaft and the super slow oscillation of the spool, the line lay of Lancer XTR is absolutely impeccable.

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