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Trabucco XTR Eva Drop Bucket

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  • Made from EVA for lightness, durability, easy cleaning
  • 100% waterproof, with welded joints
  • Sizes: 18x18 cm (h 18 cm) … 6 liters
  • 6 meters long rope with winder and clip
  • Rounded corners
A convenient accessory for any surf or boat angler, recalling XTR fashion but keeping the content fresh thanks to white colour. With the Drop Bucket you can pick up water from any height, thanks to the 6 meters strong rope, which is wound on a plastic frame. Opening the snap, the winder can be removed to hang the full bucket to a rod tripod, so as to stabilize it against wind. The inside of EVA is particularly slick to allow easy cleaning, while the bottom perimeter is welded to grant waterproofness and abrasion resistance.

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